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The Kearns Company Inc. (known as a Value Builder), specializes in Newcastle area custom home design and construction or build to suit, using your plans or ours.  We work directly with owners to procure custom home design and drawing plans to fit your unique needs and desires while keeping the project on budget. Buyers may wish to choose from numerous already completed ACAD plans, making modifications to expedite the design phase and reducing costs.  We can also start from scratch and design the home you desire from the ground up.  We can also use a plan you are providing for the project. 


The Kearns Company will guide you through your home design process to help you keep your Newcastle custom home project affordable and on budget, with no surprises.  Streamlining the design and plan process is what we do best. 

We will submit your plans to the local building permit authority. We will request an outside plan check if offered to expedite your project through the often complicated permit process.  


Newcastle area homeowners can spend thousands of dollars designing their new home and getting plans drawn only to find out later that they have gone over budget.  They must go back to the drawing board, spending thousands more in revisions.  

We do things a little differently.  While in the design stage, we can help you choose the finishes you want ahead of time and price your project accordingly.  By providing enough allowance upfront for the products you request, you will still be able to make changes or upgrades to these products after your project has started.


All our designs and plans ACAD-drawn.  We have hundreds of previously built plans that can be duplicated or modified for a fraction of the cost.  This means your custom home design building plan can be completed in a few weeks instead of starting from scratch.

We look forward to being your Newcastle home builder.


We are proud to build in the community of Newcastle, located between Auburn and Rocklin.  Newcastle has a small town feel but isn’t totally isolated from Sacramento or Roseville. Residential homes are thriving throughout the area, making it an ideal place to build your dream home.

Whether it is one of our existing plans, your plans, or a brand-new plan, we will take care of all the work needed to get Newcastle’s architectural review approvals, engineering, energy calculations, and building permits.  Your price will include all these costs. 

With over 250 locally built projects, we are proud of our record. We make the build process easy and uncomplicated with a detailed and concise breakdown of everything that’s included. We will also consider doing joint ventures with landowners that want to build to sell. 

We look forward to working with you.

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